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The Gateway

The Gateway is a cloud-based system for the management of labour recruitment, supply, and employment.  The system provides benefits to end employers, recruiters, intermediaries, and other stakeholders with an interest in labour supply chain efficiency, transparency, and compliance.


The Gateway is a cloud-based Recruitment and Employee management Platform

The Gateway is heavily tested system, built for the transfer of high quality data and to manage seasonal labour employment, recruitment, and placement,

While the original platform was established for the placement of seasonal workers into Agriculture and Horticulture in the UK, the Gateway system has been developed to be relevant to any employer and recruitment organisation operating in any sector and in any country. 

The new adapted system will enable employers and recruiters to employ, recruit, and plan people in one place and monitor performance and make informed decisions.


The Gateway provides employers and recruiters with the flexibly to recruit from any source as the market changes and to gain real time and historical oversight of performance.


Our Reach

The Gateway is embedded in employers' and recruiters' daily operations globally

The Gateway has been designed for labour users of all sizes. From an end employer of two workers recruited directly to a provider of 8,000 workers to 200 employers. Our system will dramatically reduce duplication in your processes and increase the transparency of supply.



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Using the Gateway has enabled me to put all information I usually had in a spreadsheet into one place that my colleagues and myself can access and amend at any time or place... I enjoy using The Gateway!

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